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Our highly experienced and professional team at Farrell Johnsen has been providing piano repair services since the mid-1970's. You will get that beautiful sound that you are longing to hear from your piano again. Enjoy the great sound for years to come.

It is often around a piano that many warm memories are made. We understand how important a piano can be in a home. You can trust that we can provide you with the best care.

Rejuvenate the great sound

back into your piano.

Get piano repairs to restore the sound you love.

  • Large repairs to smaller faults

  • Complete piano overhaul

  • String, parts, and decal replacements

  • Hammer, bench repairs

Do you have an upcoming move? We also provide piano moving services when you need to relocate to another city or state – or simply up or down the stairs. You will find the solutions you need for sales, appraisals, tuning, and more with Farrell Johnsen. Contact us for service.

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